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The device is equipped with the latest Assets Map so you can find the location of the truck or the destination as quickly as possible.

Easy to use.

The device is easily connected to the vehicle, so it is always ready for switching the statutes from ON Duty to OFF Duty without any difficulties.

Reliable and accurate.

The system manages the device to be reliable for both Android and iOS so you can get it as you want.

Best driver's assistant - newest Trendy ELD application Available for both platforms


  • We are the leading ELD provider in the tracking industry which is managed in providing the quick solution for safety driving throughout the US and Canada. Our device and service are already built to organize and manage the tracking hours and distance easier. All of our system is designed to make the usage of the application and driving available for each driver.


We take care of all updates concerning the latest news in the tracking industry. For more information about it, be sure to follow our blog.

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